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- Appointments preferred (email preferred)

- Independent, experienced, friendly & fair

- Fully trained cycle mechanic

- Preference for mid-priced bikes

- I do not do the electrical side of eBikes

- For typical prices see - Services




Some of the main types of bike repairs are listed below 

  • £25 / hr for general diagnostic & repair work

  • Parts supplied by me are subject to searching/handling charges (it can take ages!)

  • I can also fit parts that you have bought if required


Pads Fit £8 per brake + cost of the parts

Cable Fit £8 + cost of the parts

Cable Fit (internally routed) £12 + cost of parts

Bleed & Fluid £21 (each)


Gears & Chain

Mech adjustment £12

Straighten/Replace Gear Hanger £12 + parts

Gear Cable Fit £8 + cost of cables

Gear Cable Fit (internally routed) £12 + cost of cable

Chain Fit £12 + cost of chain

Cassette Fit £12 + cost of cassette

Chainring Fit £18 + cost of chainrings



Tube or Tyre Fit £10 (per wheel) + cost of parts

Puncture Repair £10, or inner tube replacement £15

Tubeless Conversion £22 incl tape & solution plus cost of valves (per wheel)

Wheel Trueing £20 + cost of new spokes if required

Wheel Build (per wheel) £45 + cost of spokes & nipples

Hub Service £20 + parts


Frame, Fork, Headset 

Headset Fit £20 + cost of headset

Bottom Bracket Fit £20 + cost of bottom bracket



All prices below exclude parts except where stated "supply & fit"

Bronze £45 (Getting your bike back on the road)

  • Industry-standard safety check

  • Gears checked, adjusted & lubricated

  • Brakes checked, adjusted & lubricated

  • Wheel hubs tightened if required

  • Tyres checked & inflated to correct pressure

  • Test ride

Silver £85 (£95 for bikes with internally routed cables) (If your bike needs a bit more TLC) 

As Bronze plus

  • Bike professionally washed

  • Gears-Service – hanger alignment, supply & fit stainless steel inner cables and set up the gears

  • Chain & gear spockets checked for stretch

  • Brakes-Service (rim brakes) – supply & fit new stainless steel inner cables, standard brake blocks & set up the brakes

  • Brakes-Service (hydraulic brakes) - clean, check and measure the pads, realign the brakes & true the discs (new pads will be extra). Hydraulic bleed (if required) is an extra £18 per brake ... it's a fiddly job!)

  • Wheels - bearings greased & cones set, spokes checked & wheels trued

  • Headset - checked & tensioned

  • Bottom Bracket checked for play

  • Seat post re-greased

  • Test Ride

Gold £120 (Ideal for MTBs and the more serious rider)

As Silver plus

  • Headset-Service – stripped, cleaned, checked & greased, or replaced if required (plus cost of parts)

  • Bottom-Bracket-Service – stripped, cleaned, checked & greased, or replaced if required (plus cost of parts)

Welcome: Contact


Please send an email to

or call

07741 490565

3 Springwell Ave, DH1 4LY

Please note it can be difficult answering phone calls while spannering!

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